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  • Verichat

    50 66.67%
  • Causerie

    11 14.67%
  • Chatopus

    6 8.00%
  • Something else??!

    8 10.67%
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    Ok - I'm new to the Treo and am looking for the ability to run a unified chat client. I've played with Verichat, Causerie and Chatopus - which is the best?
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    add chatter to the list (although marc isnt adding new accounts)
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    I have and use Chatter, have and use Causerie, have and do not use any more Verichat. Support has been good with Chatter and Causerie. Chatter's IM is no longer under development. Causerie is under development. Both do an excellent job. The user interface with Causerie is good and Verichat is a bit too busy for my tastes.

    Verichat supports SMS and data. Causersie at this writing supports only data (SMS in a future release).

    So, of the two listed, I move for Causerie up front. Ben
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    The best, for me, right now is Chatter. Therefore, I would have to choose 'Other'. Like Ben said though, it is not being worked on right now as Marc is a bit busy with IMAP He also is not creating new IM accounts.

    I also use both Causerie and Chatopus. The GUI of Causerie is definitely better than that of Chatopus. (I prefer the unified view presented by Chatter to the GUI of either Causerie or Chatopus.)

    Causerie seems to be putting in features at a much more responsive and rapid pace than Chatopus. It seems like Chatopus is somewhat quicker to pick up messages and somewhat more stable than Causerie though. I also like the fact that Chatopus is a one time payment and is NOT tied to a single server. (It helps to have messed around with jabber to run Chatopus though.)

    I used verichat last year and never renewed. I can't compare the version I used to what is available now.
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    I tried Chatopus because our IT dept asked us to find an IM client for jabber. Easy to set up (I'm a non-techie) and very easy to use. However, I found that it sucked my battery dry very quickly so I dumped it and am now seeking something better. No experience with the others - yet - so I can't offer further opinion. If you can find a way around the battery-drain and need it for jabber, then you should experiment with Chatopus.
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    I think anything that checks to see if you have messages at a reasonable interval will end up causing your battery to drain much faster than 'normal' usage. If I run my Treo with just the phone on, I can get days of constant use. If I turn on the network (GPRS) but only use it for email when I demand it, my battery life drops to maybe half and I probably can get 2 days. If I start polling for mail every 30 minutes, or running Chatter IM, Causerie, or Chatopus (all of which check for activity at various intervals), I am down to a long days usage (for instance, from 8AM - 1AM and I'm now at 32%).

    Verichat in pure SMS notification mode is probably noticably lighter on the battery, but I have let my license lapse on it so can't compare.
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    I find Mundu IM very good. It's basic and inexpensive and supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ neatly. Also their support people are really helpful!
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    I have tried verichat, Chatter, Chatopus and Causerie. Of all these, looking at the features, UI and performance, i rate Causerie very high when compared to any of the other IM clients in the market now. Their reponsiveness to features addition is great.
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    I am sure Verichat is the best, way ahead of others, simply because the stability is unparalleled, the UI is clean and simple, and it very nice on battery life unlike the others.

    Out entire organization of 130+ users is on Verichat; we run a trauma team almost exclusively on Verichat. The developers have been super-responsive to all of our requests for enhancements, and have continued to make Verichat better and better.
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    I just started using Mundu. I think it's good. The VeriChat is on sale for $19 on Palmgear right now, but it's still a yearly fee. The Mundu is just $12 but it's an one-time fee.
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    i love verichat and there support is second to none
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    Why add Chatter when this option is no longer available?
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    I have been waiting forever for Agile Messenger to finally create a Palm version. They have what I consider to be the best mobile IM client out there, AND it's free. Looks pretty too. Unfortunately, it was only for Nokia and the like until recently. Then they moved on to support PPC and smartphone. Now it seems they've finally started a beta version for palm. Since it's still beta, it's not as fully featured as the other versions yet, but I've waited this long so I've got high hopes for something in the near future.

    Can't wait until version 3.x
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    Quote Originally Posted by drrjv
    Why add Chatter when this option is no longer available?
    Chatter is not an option in the poll, except as 'Other'. There are other options too, so other should be there. All that said, Causerie is getting better and better, and may be the one I'd recommend. (I need to do a little bit more testing this weekend and see.)
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    Chatter is the best chat option out there. Those of you that didn't heed that advice earlier can now not get an account created for you, but that'll change - Marc will get back to working on the chat client portion of the app eventually.

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    I have used Chatter like many others here, but I missed out on the product before they stopped registering new users.

    A great alternative I found is Verichat. I know allot of people don't like it, but it works really well for me. I have T-Mobile unlimited GPRS so I configured verichat to always be on and use data for notifications.

    It works good, and has a good interface for managing multiple chats through its interface. When I am not in the application I my phone vibrates or I get a message alert when someone IMs me. I use it for MSN, AIM, and Yahoo.

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