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    Just purchased a Treo 600 (verizon) which does not include the standard Palm OS Expense application. I've tried some of the aftermarket ones like ExpenseLog and they just don't measure up. Is there any way to load the original on the Treo 600 and have the Palm desktop perform the conduit exchange to Excel like the old one? I have created business expense reports with the original for several years and am wasting a lot of time trying to find something that works as well for business expense reports... Would appreciate some sage guidance

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    Do a search, I believe this has been talked about many times. Personally, I prefer Expense Plus by Walletware, but there's a fee for the program.
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    Did you have any luck with this? I'm like you, loved the expense program, and my search didn't yield anything worthwhile either...
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    I use MyCheckbook by Quick's PDA It's fast and easy to use, plus you can export to Excel or Quicken
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    I use ExpenseEZ. It's simple to use like the original Palm app and costs about $9 at PalmGear.

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