View Poll Results: Do you like the Sprint PCS Blue Treo 650 Color?

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    I like the blue color. It matches the interior color of my car.
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    Kind of a pointless poll since HTC has already manufactured them and shipped them.

    I doubt they are going to look at the vote and go...DOH! RECALL!!! Delay the launch!
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    I don't really care if it's blue or not. Blue is alright for a business device. I do wish they'd do something to make the Treo stand out. I always get asked "Is that a Blackberry?"...and I have to then explain that no, it's a whole lot more than a "Blackberry".

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    puke blue....? ok...
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    Quote Originally Posted by phildro
    Who pukes in blue unless you've been drinking Creme de Curacao?
    I agree... if you're vomiting blue, you got some serious health problems.

    Persoanlly I think it's reminiscent of the Nextel Blackberry.
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    man, Crackberries are all OVER NYC!
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    More important than the color, is that fact that Sprint seemed smart enough to have the number keys be a different color. This is a big usability plus, which seems to be missing from the GSM versions.
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    I would like it to be all silver. I may jump ship for the Motorola V3 RaZr!
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    Biggest thing I don't like about it--looks like they're copying Blackberry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by F1Turbo
    Biggest thing I don't like about it--looks like they're copying Blackberry.
    me too
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    but it does look like a crackberry. Personally I like the GSM silver (matches my powerbook...)

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    I think the blue 650 is going to be much darker then what some people here seem to expect.

    Gunmetal blue should be a darker more reflective blue then a cisco 2950

    the posted pics of the sprint 650 used a flash...i can make my sprint 600 look like a light grey depending on the angle of the flash.
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    i voted YES

    yes, i like the darker finish

    its different and the silver looks too much like a toy

    i'm a serious person and i want to come across as a professional and the grey finish fits that image
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