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    According to C|Net, it's coming out Oct 25!

    I was so excited about getting Bluetooth in my phone. Not that it's almost here, it doesn't seem as important. Sure you can use it to add a headset and to hotsync, but that's not enough to rev me up.
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    It's being announced on Oct 25, not released...
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    You're right.
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    i disagree... i think the article asserts it's release later this month...

    See below from later in the CNET article:

    "The Treo 650, set for release later this month, will become PalmOne's top-of-the-range smart phone. It will have a case similar to that of its Treo 600 predecessor, but with slightly more rounded edges, and a new keyboard with flatter keys, sources said. It will feature a high-resolution screen of 320 pixels by 320 pixels and a built-in 1.3-megapixel digital camera. Inside, it will have a high-end Intel XScale processor, a removable battery and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

    The new smart phone will use PalmSource's Garnet operating system. PalmOne has said one factor in its decision to use Garnet is its compatibility with the Mac operating system and the community of consumers using it. PalmSource is not expected to create a Mac version of its Palm Desktop for Cobalt--so far, it has developed a Windows version only.

    The present top-model Treo 600 will continue to ship but will carry a lower price, PalmOne has said, as part of its effort to create a family of phone devices.
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    Please do a simple search for threads in this forum, or even glance down the page a little bit, before posting the exact same article.

    Especially with such a sensationalistic heading
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    I'm thinking it will be announced tommroow (Monday, Oct 4th) and released Oct 25

    Now where did I put that extra 600 bucks for this new toy........
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    Isn't there supposed to be some event that Palmone is going to be at this coming week? If so, I am hoping that is where they will unveil the Treo 650. Correct me if I'm wrong. (I'm sure someone will.)
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    October 25th may well be the date. AT&T is supposed to be releasing their Aircard 775 on the 25th too. Companies try to compete for attention with their releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jscottcj
    i disagree... i think the article asserts it's release later this month...
    Well, the article "asserted" that the Tungsten would be released today - guess what? The Tungsten was announced today as coming sometime in the future.

    That's your "release".

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