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    I've read and searched the forums before posting, but if this is a repost, forgive me now.

    How come callers are automatically sent to my VM? In effect, sometimes my phone won't even ring. Suddenly, I'll just have a "You have 1 new voice mail" message appear on the screen. What gives? I have a feeling I'm missing alot calls (b/c not everyone leaves a VM but could be calling).

    On a side note, how do I set a daily alarm? It's been buggin the hell out of me. On the calender, usuable times start at 8 am and end at 8pm.
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    Calls going to VM "automatically" do so if a call is received while the "Sprint" version of the Treo 600 is busy sending or receiving data, or if it is turned off, or if you have an application installed that is set to handle your phone calls.

    Data sending/retrieving would be a function of something like Blazer, doing a mail run, et cetear.

    If it is off - immediately to VM. If it is data busy - immediately to VM. If you have a program like Call Shield, Call Filter, and other similar programs, then they can be set to do various things at various times.

    As for daily alarms, that's an options thing. I use DateBook 5 and there is an option on when to begin the time display. In the default datebook app, tap the top of the screen and move over to preferences - it is displayed there. I have mine set from 0500 to 1900.

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    This is a Sprint problem, not a Treo problem. It happened occasionally to on my previous phone and still happens sometimes with my Treo. Someone once said that it was a network load problem.
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    Well, I believe that it's a syncing thing as well. I'm on Verizon and I notice that at random, unscheduled times my device will connect (the green arrows near the batt. level read).

    Other than that, I have no idea why they would keep going to VM but I'll take the advice and try to apply it.
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    This has nothing to do with data being transferred or not. This is a know bug with a certain range of Treos released (on Sprint at least). I have had 12 Treo 600 replacements because of the "network search error". Sprint is fully aware of this & if you go to the Sprint store & complain of this, they should issue you a replacement phone (demand a new phone that is outside of the Treo 600 bad serial number range-the refurbs do NOT have this issue corrected. At first when I finally got a new Treo outside of the range, I had little or no calls going straight to voicemail. Now it is back to the same BS again. After 12 replacements, I have thrwn my hands up in disgust...

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