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    I am looking to buy a device. Besides that iMate has WiFi, how would T650 compare to it? Is there a list of pros and cons posted somewhere or would someone care to comment?
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    Have you seen the size of the PDA2K? It's huge compared to Treo which means that if your priority is a phone then its not a good choice but if you want a PDA with added phone technology, then its a pretty good device.

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    not exactly "huge"...1 inch longer and slightly wider... screen is larger....more ram... evdo...if i find some articles i'll post some pics and reviews of it... but...until they are BOTH released...cant really comment on how they are until a hands on know?
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    Here is a link to the specification of the new iMat. Doesn't seem to be too much bigger than the T600.
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    I think it's only 1cm larger in lenth and width, but is THINNER so it fits into the pocket easier. In fact the total length is the SAME as the treo including the aerial.
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    Two issues for me:

    - The MSFT OS
    - The size. Yes it is not much bigger than Treo 600 when the keyboard is extended. But it is way too long when the keyboard is extended
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    3 Questions about the Imate:

    1) When is it set to be released?
    2) What is the price?
    3) Will the CDMA version have built in Wi-Fi?
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    One more does the screen resolution compare?
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    The Treo 650 is 320 x 320 and the MDA III (etc) has 320 x 240. However the MDA III's screen is larger (lower dpi).
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    Specs from the above link that will keep me away from this one:

    Screen: 240x320 (Less than next Treo)
    Processor: 400Mhz (More, but not a big enough gap)
    Battery: 1400 (SIGNIFICANTLY less than Treo)

    Plus while MS OS has plenty of bells and whistles (some of which I am quite envious of), it still doesn't beat the Palm, at least for my needs. Usability will always be king, and when out on the road, if I need to jot down a quick note, I want my PDA to be an "extension of me," so to speak. I just don't feel that way with the PPC interface.

    Also, syncing reliability is always paramount, so I will NEVER migrate to PPC until it is reliable in that area as the Palm
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    It has already been released in some countries.

    One of the things that are available on MS OS is the voice command programs. One can dial a number in the Contacts list hands free. This could be quite useful when driving. Is there anything similar for Palm?
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    is the main problem with ppc's their battery lives?

    its true they offer more of the latest edge of technology ( wifi, bt, hi res, evdo, etc) but aren't they notorious for having dreadful battery life?

    if that's the case, now I know why handspring and palmone may have been minimizing features in their smartphones.

    is this true of all ppc's?
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    The HP 6315 PPC Phone Edition has a huge battery, something like 1800
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    How about the extra $$$ for Vision on a PPC device.

    Thats enough to ward off a change from me...

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