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    I have NT 4.0 at work, so I obviously cannot use USB, but I purchased two t600 cradles (one for work and one for home) thinking that it would have a serial/USB option, but it is USB only. The way the product descripton is worded on palmone's store, it seems as if you can use the serial cradle in conjunction with the cradle to make it work...see:

    Synchronize and display your Treo™ smartphone on your desk.
    6 ft. cable
    One-touch HotSync® button
    Designed to hold your Treo at a comfortable reading angle
    Plug in an AC charger (not included) to use cradle as a charger
    Requires: Microsoft® Windows® 98, Me, 2000, XP or Mac OS 8.5 or later with an available USB port. Serial HotSync cable is required for Windows 95 and NT.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to cut the wire, and splice a serial head on the end of the cradle cord, or some other creative way to do this with the CRADLE? It doesnt seem possible, but I thought I'd ask.
    Thanks in advance for your help,
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    Nope. USB and serial are two totally different protocols, although USB does transmit serially.
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    At a company I worked at 3 years ago we found a USB driver for NT. It actually added function support for USB. We managed to get a palmV to work over the USB port with no problems.

    I really wish I could remember who made the software but this one looks like a good place to start:
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    Some (including me) have successfully used Dell drivers to get USB on NT4. They can be downloaded for free. Read the following thread:

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