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    I would like to use my Treo SD 1 GB card to transfer data back between office and home on a Mac platform. I want to do it fast, like I can do it on my ipod (1 Gb in less than 5 minutes).

    I wonder if, given the limitations of data transfer speed on even a fast SD card, whether upgrading to a firewire card reader would make that big of a difference over a regular USB reader.
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    It DOES make a difference. I would recommend getting a USB 2.0 memory card reader because it's compatible with more computers. Of course, you have to make sure that your computer's USB port is 2.0.

    I tried an experiment with my laptop that has 2 USB 2.0 ports. I also have a PCMCIA card reader. Using my 256 MB Lexar SD card with about 30 MB of MP3s, I timed the following transfers from card to computer:

    Via PCMCIA card reader - took about 24 seconds or longer
    Via USB 1.0 card reader - took about 24 seconds too
    Via USB 2.0 card reader - took about 5 seconds!

    It was a dramatic speed difference, and I know that USB 2.0 is the way to go. Firewire, although it's just as fast, is not as prevalent as far as I've seen. My laptop does not have firewire, and I had to buy a firewire card for my desktop to use my ipod. Unfortunately my desktop only have USB 1.0 ports.

    I have 2 newborn twins and I take tons of pictures. The image transfer times (memory stick) are slow. I recently purchased a USB 2.0/Firewire card for my desktop. I look forward to those fast transfers when I finally get that card!

    BTW, I personally like these kinds of memory card readers:

    This is a decent price (if you can get it locally like I did), and it's a slim design. I dislike the bulky Dazzle readers. Plus I can have my SD, compact flash, and Memory Stick in the reader all at the same time.
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    thanks for your input. I found an external firewire SD card reader that is perfect for Macs (which have firewire instead of USB 2).

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