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    I turned on my Treo and tried to play the music on my SDCard. I got an error. "Unable to play audio file". I was able to see the folders, but not the contents.

    I re-installed Pocket Tunes and it was fine again....

    But NOW.... it's back to that error..... This looks like a reoccuring problem for me.

    Has anyone seen this, or know a fix?


    P.S. Pocket Tunes V3.0.1
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    I have been having same problem (with the "deluxe" version of PTunes). Started noticing it after I installed BackupBuddyVFS, but can't confirm it. Please post a solution if you find one. I am stuck.
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    Try deleting and reinstalling Ptunes. The MP3 plugin is built in to the app, and I suspect for reasons unknown it becomes corrupted, for lack of a better word. Reinstalling the app reinstalls the MP3 plugin of course.

    It's worked for me twice now and seems to happen after hard resets/restores of my data.

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