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    Hi All,

    I have been told that Sprint is boosting its data transfer rate so as to domiante the market with many upcoming wireless devices. Does anyone know what the transfer rate will be on the new 650 Ace? My 600 seems failry quick at times but gets hung up on ebay and espn and many other sites. I am hoping that the new OS will allow flash and also detect the site tags for quicker loads. Any thoughts?
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    1xRTT is the rumor. Same as the 600.
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    I am hoping that the new OS will allow flash
    I'm not sure if I minuderstood you, but if you mean Macromedia Flash, then that would not be the perogative of the browser. Some of the sony Clies had a flash player, but I doubt that P1 would do this and even if they did I doubt that they would integrate it into the browser.
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