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    Need some feedback from any att treo 600 users in the tampabay area of florida. My treo does the following:
    #1) 90 plus % of the time I get a buzzing sound when on the phone and if in speaker mode. It seems to have been doing this since day one.

    #2) I swear that if I'm near overhead florcresent lights it buzzes more plus I can make the speakers in my car buz even when the radio is off if my cell is in the car and on. This also happened at work with a pair of powered speakers

    I went from a tdma to a gsm (treo) cell. Could att's cell service be causing some of these problems or do I just need to send it back to palmone and pray?

    Thanks for your input
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    motor, are you referring to buzzing coming from other devices like speakers, monitors etc.. or from the Treo itself?
    If buzzing is coming from speakers, radios, large monitors etc..then it may be the result of the new lower 850 mhz being offered in newer phones with GSM/GPRS carriers. It's not just the Treo that casues this phenomenon the newer BB's with 850 can also make speakers buzz. I've attended a lecture where the speaker was wearing a wireless microphone and a BB on his belt. The buzzing came through the P.A.. Also may occur if your device is near a Polyphone board room speaker phone. I believe it is the 850 mhz, not the Treo itself.


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