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    I am testing the P Tunes app and already love it. Is there a way though to boost the volumn? I have read that users get WAY more listening time than I would ever use is so I don't think battery drain would be an issue if boosting the volumn becomes a battery problem asssuming you can even boost the volumn.

    Thanks for your help.
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    In PTunes Menu >choose General Preferences, you will see >volume boost there.. Be careful how high as it can distort or damage speaker. I use +6dB (4x)
    Have fun

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    If you are having trouble listening due to a noisy environment then another way to get a bit more volume is to go into Tools and adjust the graphic equalizer levels.
    Remember though that using the volume boost option or the graphic equalizer can cause distortion in the audio so you will have to play with the settings a bit to find what works well for you and for the particular audio you are listening to.

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