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    By Larry Garfield
    Thursday 30 September 2004

    SanDisk is pushing the envelop on its flash card product lines with larger versions of its current high-end cards and faster versions of its cards in general.

    SanDisk's Ultra II line of flash cards includes Compact Flash, Memory Stick Pro, and Secure Digital cards, and SanDisk has now upped the capacity of each. It's largest CF I card now stands at 8 GB, while Memory Stick Pro and SD now top out at 4 GB and 2 GB, respectively.

    All are rated for a minimum 9 MBps write speed and 10 MBps read speed, and are aimed at four-megapixel and higher digital cameras. They won't come cheap, however. The 4 GB and 8 GB CF cards will sell for $479.99 USD and $959.99 USD, respectively, when they become available later this fall. The 4 GB Memory Stick Pro cards will also sell for $959.99 USD, while the 2 GB Secure Digital cards will sell for $239.99 USD.

    For those who prefer speed to space, SanDisk has also launched a new line of Extreme III cards. Extreme III Compact Flash and Secure Digital cards have minimum write speeds of 20 MBps, while the Extreme III Memory Stick Pro have minimum write speeds of 18 MBps. The Extreme III CF cards will be available in sizes up to 4 GB for $559.99 USD, while the SD version will scale up to 1 GB for $139.99 USD. Memory Stick Pro Extreme III cards will be available up to 2 GB, and will also sell for $559.99 USD.

    Availability for the Extreme III cards is not known, but presumably they will be available in October and November just as the Ultra II cards. The SanDisk announcement comes almost simultaneously with Panasonic's launch of high-speed Secure Digital cards scaling up t0 20 MBps transfer speed and 1 GB this year with a 2 GB version planned for 2005. SanDisk and Panasonic manufacture the vast majority of Secure Digital cards on the market today, although they are frequently rebranded by other companies.

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    thanks for the article seems like we have lots to expect

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