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    It has got the worst camera that I have seen in a mobile. Bad resolution, no bluetooth, no MP3 software, no image viewer, no media player, no polyphonic ringtones, difficult to edit SIM directory, no doc edit (only viewer)an awful antenna and the battery can not be replaced if it is dried.

    Still the same old Palm OS that can no longer compete with PocketPC.

    Yes the good thing I like about is the size, SD memory support and the keyboard. That is the only reson that I keep it in my pocket.
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    All of these -- except the hardware ones, obviously -- can be addressed using cheap or free third-party pieces of software discussed 100's of times on this forum.
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    "It has got the worst camera that I have seen in a mobile. Bad resolution."
    It's no Leica - granted.

    "No bluetooth"
    Yes - but you bought it anyhow. You can use a plugin BT adapter.

    "no MP3 software, "
    Untrue - PocketTunes is free for simply registering your Treo 600. You get the best MP3 player. Plus RealPlayer is free for the taking.

    "no image viewer, "
    The Camera application! It is a viewer plus there is a two way conduit to upload images. You may have missed this.

    no media player,
    Free Real Player, Kinoma Player etc. It's not built in but freely available.

    "no polyphonic ringtones, "
    Wrong - all the standard tones are 16-part MIDI polyphonic. The curent vogue amongst phones is back towards monophonic tones for higher audibility but Treo 600 supports both.

    "difficult to edit SIM directory, "
    True. The SIM Book app is basic.

    "no doc edit (only viewer)"
    True. Ironically, in reviews of PPC Word and Excel, the Palm OS versions get higher marks for usability from customers.

    "an awful antenna and "
    You did not explain if this offended your visual sensibility or were concerned about radio sensitivity.

    "the battery can not be replaced if it is dried."
    I have never tried drying a battery :-) However, the story about internal Lithium Ion batteries and lifespan is this:
    A well cared for Lithium Ion battery should last two years. Well cared for means that you top the battery up as often as possible and refrain from discharging it all the way down as a routine. The shallower the charge, the longer it lasts. Also don't get it too hot - you lose life permanently in Lithium batteries that are 'cooked' e.g. hot car in summertime.
    palmOne replaces batteries as a repair. It would be simpler to be able to swap it personally but thats the way palmOne designates.
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    How many times have you posted this same drivel now? Well, I guess the answer is in your post count.
    Either sell your Treo600 and pickup the latest PocketPC brick (and enjoy all the reboots), or quit complaining. No one forced you to buy the Treo.

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