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    Received the following from Etymotic today:

    "Our newest production units, ER-22T Rev. 2 (Treo 600 phone Compatible) Headset is available. Currently, the design review staff are reviewing the future designs. The push to talk, mute button, volume control features are being discussed. This model does not have these options."

    This is the redesigned version that I believe has an opaque housing around the microphone.

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    I bought the original ety com wired earpiece with boom and everytime I was in direct sunlight it dropped my call. The people at Etymotic were very prompt in sending the fixed version with the black housing around the mic. It does not drop calls in partial sun like the first but it will drop a call if I'm in full direct sunlight for more than a few seconds.

    I love the size, shape but once the 650 is out I'm going to buy the best noize cancelling headset available.

    Should I get theboom by umevoice or a BT headset?

    I know theboom looks ridiculous but clear pure sound is the primary goal.

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