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    Go here:

    click on the Palm OS window. The drop down menu lists a version for the Treo 650.

    How about that...
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    It also lists a 610, which doesn't exist. Therefore I wouldn't put much stock in it.
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    I'm not 100% certain but I believe the 610 is just the 600 without the camera so I think the 610 does in fact exist.
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    mwylde has a good point - Initially I thought the same thing as AdamF - but now that I think about it the cameraless Treo 600 doesn't have blueooth.

    So I clicked through to the download and both models (610 and 650) point to the same download (MP_Palm_094.PRC). So, now I am less enthusiastic.

    Someone with a T3 will have to give it a go.
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    Just to clarify things a little...

    There's a single binary per platform (Windows, PocketPC 2003, PalmOS, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ).

    The download page lists every model that can conceivably run MeetingPoint.

    The model selection serves two purposes:

    - We track the user reports per version/platform/model. When you select a download, it tells you if there's any report of success/trouble for your particular model, if there's no info it begs for some feedback etc.

    - We get to know which models are the most popular. Eg on PalmOS, the T3 has the most downloads by a huge margin, followed by the T1. I'd be far more concerned if an issue affects the T3 than, say, if it hits the Clie TG-50, that has less than 3% of the PalmOS downloads.

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