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    I am having this problem about once a day. when I try to turn on my phone it will not, it stays on the black screen and then I have to soft reset it in order for it to come on... does anyone know what this could be?
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    I had the same problem of my phone just giving a black screen. Could not turn it on even tho it was fully charged. I popped out the SD card, and that fixed it! Everything back to normal. EXCEPT it has been turning on by itself. This happens randomly. I've tried waiting it out, thinking it would time out after a minute, but it doesn't. It just stays on. So I shut it off...a few minutes later it's on again! Seems like it happens in certain places. Maybe a magnetic field or something????
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    What applications are loaded?
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    Quote Originally Posted by larryk
    What applications are loaded?
    BackupMan, DateBk5, Docs to Go, FileZ, HanDBase3, HoHo, Inbox to Go, MegaClock, MegaHolidays, PalmReader, pTunes, SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashShopper, TealMovie, and TealScript.
    I also forgot to mention that after taking out the SD card and reinserting it the black screen went away, and functioning was okay again. But still get the turning on by itself.

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