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    Well, this is now my 4th Treo 600 and this one was a brand, spanking new PalmOne Treo600.

    Everything was more or less fine with it until recently when I noticed that it was taking a long time to charge, and now when the battery gets lowish (below 50% for sure) calls will get dropped and I see the 'Network Search' message at the top left :-(

    Has anyone else had this problem with a PalmOne Treo600? This is only about 1 month old. I had this problem with a Handspring Treo600 as did many other people.

    For those of you who have the PalmOne Treo600 can you comment on whether or not you have had this problem?

    Off to the Sprint store tomorrow...again :-(
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    I'm on number 6, the first one was a Handspring, all others PalmOne, all got the problem. But I can't go back to anything else. It's like a beautiful but faithless woman...
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    ROFLMAO @ netfreedom. Yeah, I love my Treo600 too but these problems are driving me crazy. Last night I couldn't make a call on my T600 unless I had it plugged into the power. I can't believe that these problems have not been resolved by PalmOne.

    I'm really getting fed up of going back to the Sprint store with the same old story.
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    well - I am now on unit 4 awaiting unit 5
    I love the 600 when it works - but boy does it get sometimes frustrating!
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    I have a similar problem when my battery starts getting low! SO this is something that many people are experiencing? I am still on my original unit I got in Oct 03, so I guess I should be happy it has been working so well up until now? Anyways...over the last few months, my battery life has been a bit chaotic, and then recently, I have been experiencing lock ups and loss of signal when the battery starts getting low. I'll be dialing a number, and in the middle of the dialing, it loses network signal! CRAZY...then, when calls come in, the phone locks up, ringing endlessly like the call was still coming in, but you can't hit "answer" or "ignore", cause they don't do anything (have to reset the phone!).

    My big question is...should I try to work with Sprint Techs a that local store, or just pony up the $35 fee to get a new phone through insurance? Any opinions on this? I've never done it before! I have however brought the phone in to techs before, and their answer was to hard reset it, then install programs one by one until I find the I tried that, but the problem is still here! And why, if it was a program, would the problem only pop up when the battery gets low?

    Thanks for any advice! Especially from those of you who go through Treo600's like candy!


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