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    OK, can't fine manual & I can't remember. How do I upload MP3s to play with Pocket Tune? I just installed a trial version. Sorry for the stupid question.
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    do you store your mp3 in your SD card?
    i cannot remember if the trial version even plays mp3 or not.

    check this out and you should be able to find the solution.
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    If the trial version won't then I'll just pony up the $15. If it does, how do I get the MP3s to card without a card reader?
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    I use Card Export I & II to transfer mp3 to my SD card.
    it is a software which it would map the SD card as an removeable media on your PC.

    besides of that, i have no idea how to transfer the mp3s to card without a card reader.
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    You can HotSync MP3s to your SD card. But it is VERY slow.

    Open up your Install Tool and drag your MP3s there (or click the add button and navigate to your MP3 files and add them that way). The destionation should be SD card by default. Then sync!
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    i might be wrong. i thought i read some posts which the hotsync would allow you to store the mp3s in the SD.

    i guess the easiest thing is... just try and see if it works.
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    You can hot sync mp3 files to SD Card but it takes forever. Use a card reader or the software solutions listed earlier. One of the software solutions is a freeware (I think), but for my 20 bucks nothing beats a card reader. I move files around constantly with one.
    whatever you choose, have fun.

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