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    I am a registered user of both Lightwav and LIVE. I am angry.

    After trying the demo of lightwav for a few weeks I decided to purchase it. Although there were random crashes, odd sound issues etc. I assumed the developers would work these kinks out and the product seemed to have a great deal of promise.

    Needless to say, 3.0 arrives and there are even more bugs, more random sound file playing, more random crashes etc. I have had a similar experience with LIVE. Moderately functional at best. 3.1, even worse.

    I have grown very tired of the endless bugs and problems surrounding these apps and I will no longer purchase/upgrade products from Toysoft until they make significant changes to their bug fixing policy. This seems to be a very common complaint with them as has been outlined on these boards previously.

    Take someone like Shimon from ShSh software. His apps are tested endlessly and bug reports are dealt with promptly.

    I urge Toysoft to look at Shimon as an example of how to properly create, update and maintain a software application. If not, I urge other Treo/Palm users to stop buying/upgrading toysoft products. That seems to be the last resort in many instances that finally prompts action by some developers.

    What are your thoughts?
    Tony Ricciardi
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    I agree. Toysoft sucks.
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    I understand your frustration, but I've gotta ask, why would you buy a second application from a company that was producing an application that was already causing you problems.

    From other posts on this board (I have no first-hand experience) it doesn't sound like you'll get much satisfaction from Toysoft.
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    I don't understand why folks are complaining about Lightwav. I get occasional soft resets from it but I get them from the built in applications too. Just like your desktop computer crashes once in a while, so will your palm-phone. No big deal.

    Lightwav is still one of the best program's I've ever bought.
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    toysoft offers to covert the existing lightwav to lightwav lite for free after it releases.

    if you have problems in lightwav, may be you want to try the demo version of the lightwav lite and see if it works on your treo thou.

    lightwav crashed on my treo and reset few times in 2.x version. upgraded to 3.0 and it was all good. upgraded to 3.1 then i got some issues but toysoft sent me the latest version of 3.1 and fixed my problem.

    or else i just go back to version 3.0 anyway.
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    he should make it shareware so if people dont' like their package, they can't complain since they never paid for it in the fire place.
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    anyone else just tired of every other thread complaining about toysoft? give it a rest people... just don't buy something from them again.

    meanwhile, I'll be happy with my soft resets every once in awhile, knowing that the app works like the trial did, and I purchased it knowing that it was buggy. No big deal. There are far bigger things in life to get upset over than some silly app on your silly phone.
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    I'm no lightwav defender, having said that, I don't know what Shimon from ShSh software is about but it may not be as complicated as lightwav. Which may be the whole problem with lightwav, I don't know. I also don't think its right to suggest to people they stop buying toysoft products. I don't consider toysoft a ripoff company. Mistakes, yup, no doubt, but not deserving of a company boycot. Now if he stops fixing, then maybe I'll agree with a boycot. Certainly warning people about the current lightwav 3.1 #2004.094 would be right.

    Frankly, I blame palmone for putting people in this position, having to buy so much software that should have obviously been included with the treo. I'm surprised they didn't force us to buy every app so as to take advantage of all the treo capabilities. I'm not saying all software should be included with the palm, but a favourites app that recognises more than 50 users and mp3/wav, and why the hell wouldn't they inlude a ptunes type app that's equal to 3.02 or something with more balls than the free one they gave with registration. Anyway, my 2cents.
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    I'm glad people are complaining because it lets those who have not purchased the program that it might have problems for them as well. I too had alot of problems with Lightwav a while back and didn't really see many complaints from others so I stopped posting anything negative.

    We all post about how good certain programs have been for us, and there are numerous threads for many of those, so I don't see what is wrong with posting about programs that don't work very well...
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    I'd love to hear Toysoft's response to this. They are very active when new products are released, let's have them come forward to respond to some criticism for once.
    Tony Ricciardi
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    Allow me to offer a suggestion that worked for me when I was having problems with Lightwav. Completely uninstall the prior version and reinstall. New updates are often installed on top of the existing version; that may be the source of some problems. Since i did the uninstall/reinstall routine, Lightwav has worked flawlessly. Just a thought...
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    i to have not had that many problems but i one thing that really does p*** me off is that smiley88 (the creator of lightwav) never gets in oin these kind of threads on the ones promoting his software anyone else see this?
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    Smiley88 tends to only popup when there's a new version to sell or an occasional "softball" technical issue.

    A sad commentary which only makes my point more relevant.
    Tony Ricciardi

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