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    After the recent pictures there is speculation that the headset plug is 3.5mm. Why would anyone want this? 2.5 is standard for phones. In any case, I hope whatever headset they include is integrated unlike the 600 one.
    Some comment has been made about using normal headphones to listen to music, but don't you want the phone to interrupt you when it rings, through the headset? And you to be able to answer without picking the phone up?
    If the next Treo is as badly thought out for using as a phone as the 600 is then I won't be buying it. It looks like they've made some improvements especially with the answer/end call buttons, so maybe I should be more optimistic, but I can't help feeling that the phone side of things isn't as good as my Nokia 6210 from years ago and still won't be.
    Animo et Fide
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    I would much rather have a 3.5 mm jack and use BT if I used a headset (which I currently don't -- they make me feel like a cyborg). The adapter is too awkward, and the range of aftermarket 2.5 mm stereo jacks is too limited.
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    But what 3.5mm phone headsets are there?
    Animo et Fide

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