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    I'm trying to change the PC which I sync my 600 with and after numerous efforts, I just can't get the Treo to connect to the second PC. I've reloaded software numerous times and all the other usual steps. I'm lost. The 1st PC setup went flawlessly. Am I missing something??? Verizon, by the way...
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    I'm having the same problem! I have posted about it before and gotten no answer. The original PC is a Dell tower, the new PC is a Dell notebook, they have the same USB chipsets, the notebook is faster and has more RAM, the device is seen in the device manager, but won't connect to hotsync!
    I have spent hours on the phone with PalmOne, they finally said "your laptop hardware is broken, call Dell" so I called Dell, and after talking to THEM for hours, they said "nothing wrong with your Dell, call PalmOne.

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    Got it figured out....
    You have to let Windows install driver from CD before you get to the 1st sync screen on the install process. When the Found New Hardware window opens, point Windows to your CD drive and then browse to Treo install app. After Windows does its thing, it goes smoothly after that.
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    I've already done that.. a few times.. even completely removed it, done the USB Reset tool thing and reinstalled... each time letting Windows install the driver (in different way, autosearch, direct it to the file, whatever) so we must be having slightly different problems..

    oh well, maybe I'll try a fresh install of Windows, that tends to fix things =) hehe.. next weekend is a long weekend, maybe I'll do it then..
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    What USB port are you connecting to on the laptop? Make sure you connect to a USB port in the laptop not the port replicator. Dell port replicator USB ports are problematic with PDAs.

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