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    Got this replacement on last friday. I charged the battery for 12+ hrs on last friday. today is the first time to recharge after the inital charge. The battery light keeps blinking green and red after it reaches 76% of the battery level while the charger is connected to the unit.

    is it something wrong? i think i should call PalmOne tomorrow and ask for another replacement. Sigh.
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    did some researches here and found out i am experiencing the battery issue. someone suggested to do a soft-reset and it should help.
    i just did a soft-reset and the light is in "red" and seems it is charging. i will check out tomorrow morning and see if it will be blinking between red and green lights.
    if it still happens, i will have to call P1 to get another replacement.
    someone said the battery can only hold up 400 times fully charges, and that person said it equals to 1 yr. haha i started wondering no wonder lot of electronic device would die or broken right after the first yr warranty expired.
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    so a soft reset, while the charger is pluged in, this helps even more.
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    I am having the exact same problem. I had not problems yesterday, then I installed the 1.20 Software "upgrade" and now I have problems charging. The light blinks between red and green. The battery does not charge. I have done a soft and hard reset. I have also done a hard reset while the phone is charging. I have also tried different craddles. The battery picture on the upper right appears to be charging with the lighing bolt, but the battery does not show that it is charge more than half way.
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    burkhard1: thanks for the reply. i did a softreset while the charger was plugged in. it seems worked last nite, and I got 100% charged this morning. i also did not find out any more blinking red and green in the morning as well.
    My 1st Treo never had such problem (SW 2.12) and i bought it as a brand new (SW 3.0.5) from treo. got the famous "yellow dots" issue then i got a replacement. first charge of the replacement did not happen to get the "red/green" lights blinking on and off. 2nd time of charging (last nite) got it. hope it won't do it again tonight otherwise i will call P1 for another replacement.
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    my battery was down to 76% and i started charging it again. it blinks red / green on my treo again around 90%. i did a soft reset with the charge was plugged in. i am going to call treo tomorrow and get another replacement. geez...

    just checked on the battery level again. after i did the reset, the battery level dropped below 90% and it is slowly going back up.

    i totally believe my battery has an issue.
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    i justdid another soft-reset with the charge was plugged in. it was because the dang red/green thing happens AGAIN.

    i am pretty upset.

    edit: it charged to 100%. then it dropped to 95%. .......
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    i wonder how long does it take to charge from 93%-100%?? seems the replacement unit charge time takes longer than before
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    It should go up to 3/4 ish pretty fast, then slow for the top off. Mine went thru a bought of the same thing, I did the softrest while pluged in to the charger serveral times and it seemed to work each time, but it would start doing it again. Anyway, it went away, but the soft reset while charging helped a lot.

    This has happened twice in the past year and both times I though my battery was toste, but it seems better now then ever. It's like it catched a battery flu, then gets better...LOL
    Try a soft rest while pluged in again, and let it charge overnight.

    I am told the charging circuit is on the battery, and you have to reset it sometiems.

    Also, I know mine can really go down fast when I have signal issues, not that this is thje case, just an FYI.

    Good luck....
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    thanks for your reply. seems it does not do the blinking green and red thing anymore after i did a soft-reset last nite + battery discharge while the charge was plugged.
    i will see how it is going to behave tonight. i am charging the phone now and trying to top it as much as i can. the light is the solid red and it is a good sign to me ;P

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    I also think mine does not like my Car Charger (perhaps the connector is bad?).

    If that don't work, I may have one more idea..

    Good luck

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