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    I'm on my second Treo 600. With both phones, every so often, the phone will hang when an incoming call rings. The phone rings and the caller ID screen comes up, but nothing happens if I try to click the answer or ignore buttons. Resetting the Treo is the only way out.

    Anyone else have this problem? On my current phone, I'm running a pretty stripped system. Basic apps, no hacks beyond Treo Helper.

    Could this be related to the Network Search problem? My first phone was replaced because of that, and I'm starting to see those symptoms again (though the hangs have been happening for a while).

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    I'm having the exact same problem. Anyone else???

    dbrogan, what apps are you running? The only non-standard apps I have installed are SnapperMail 1.9.2, FastForward and PdaNet.

    What is the network search problem?
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    I have this problem associated with the "No service" problem. This problem appears whenever my battery is less than 57%.

    What happens is whenever I try to make a call, regardless of the reception it reports prior to the call, it tells me "No Signal" in the top left corner when it is still dialing the number. It then returns back to the main phone screen, the call not completed.

    When someone calls me, the phone rings normally with both the answer and ignore button. Trying to click on either button or move the cursor does nothing and it just vibrates or rings for a bit. It eventually stops and returns to the main phone screen. Again, this is when my battery drops below 57%.
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    Occasionally my treo will "freeze up" when I finish a call and try to hang up (it refuses to hang up) and none of the buttons or keypad responds. When this happens I just have to wait until the treo hangs up on it's own, or do a soft reset. This is a Cingular GSM treo. Very frustrating problem.....
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    Similar problem, seems to be related to the "no signal/network search" issue. Mine happens at any charge level, and happens every day. I'm on my 4th treo 600, and at this point, I just don't know what I should do about this. I don't feel like I should buy a 650 when I've yet to have had a reliable 600. Why should I pay another 5-600 bucks? I would be perfectly happy with a working 600, but at this point, I'm not sure one exists. Anyone have any suggestions?

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