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    What do you think? I can get a 600 on ebay just under $400 now. Would I be burt to buy that now and upgrade in 3-6 months? Think there will be a trade-up program? Also if I have problems with a new one bought off ebay will palmOne take care of me or not???

    Thanks for your ideas.
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    Dude, I was in the same sitution. I bought a 600 and later found out that the 650 was coming out. So I sent the 600 back and now I am waiting for the 650. I did not want to waste $500 on the 600 when I could just wait for the 650.

    If you have the bucks......get both.....OR you can keep guessing like the rest of us as to when the 650 will be released.
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    If you buy off Ebay, you are taking a risk with the warranty. You will also probably not have a chance at any upgrade offers Palm may offer. I imagine a large number of those phones are gray market and won't carry a US warranty which means they have to be shipped back to their intended country of origin for repair. From my experience with other electronic gear this can be a nightmare of gargantuan proportions! If you can save more than 50% off the normal purchase price, it may be worth it. If it's a hundred bucks or so that you'd save, don't do it. The warranty is a very important part of this device. There are too many of them that aren't performing well (based on other threads here). I've had one warranty claim, and had a new phone two days oafter my call to P1. That's hard to beat - though some folks haven't had such good service...
    I've already contacted my Cingular business rep and will be getting a 650 as soon as they get some - so I can understand wanting to get one now and upgrade soon...

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