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    I want to sell or give someone my old Treo 300. What's the "right" thing to do to clear all my personal data and get it ready for the next person? I tried doing a "hard reset" (where it asks you to press the "up" key to erase everything), but I noticed afterward that if I tried to use the web browser, my Sprint username was still there, so it must not have really gotten rid of "everything". (Of course the service has been cancelled already.)

    Basically I'm concerned that (1) I don't reveal any personal info; (2) the phone can't be "accidentally" reactivated on my account somehow; and (3) the other person can successfully reactivate it and use it under their own account.

    Thanks for any help.

    EDIT: Also, my old number is still in there under 'voicemail' and it doesn't seem to be possible to remove it. And if I try to dial a number it says something about "Welcome to America's Roaming Network" (or similar) and tells me it's going to cost $2-3/minute for the call, which I guess would be billed to me if I just handed the phone over to someone and they started making calls? (Or maybe it was about to ask for a credit card number?)
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    I'm not sure if running the batt down to nill, or discounnecting will cause this info to be erased. Probably not, as I've had batteries in an out of mine T300 and aside from loosing all "entered data" my phone still came up on the Sprint network and had my #.
    The America's roaming network requires a CC to get airtime, I would not worry about someone else accessing your acct. The only alternative is have Sprint possible overwrite the old settings. If you do have Sprint try that, please post results.
    Thanks and Good luck
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    I don't all the info comes off the treo 300 until it gets activated by the new owner, because I got my treo off ebay and when I went to use the web the last owners info was still on it. When I set my phone up with sprint, the tech talked me through changing all the info and it took about 10 minutes but my info is on the phone now.

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