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    Ok - so I just signed up, and will be there. Anyone feel like a TC gathering when we get there? That way, we can all ask as the day ends and they neglect to mention the 650, WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?

    (BTW - registration is free : )
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    I'm signed up for the morning session. I hope the 50% off a Treo applies to the 650 and not the 600..hehe..
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    High jack the event and demand a release date!
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    I just signed up for the morning session on Oct. 6th. Let's get everyone going to the morning session to meet in the JJC entrance at 10:45am. I'll have a TreoCentral sign.
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    Interesting - they are having an announcement in Australia on the same day!

    AusPUG members are cordially invited to attend a palmOne event next week. Events will be held in Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne!

    Venue: Tattersalls Club, 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (opposite Hyde Park, down from Sheraton on the Park).
    Date: Wednesday 6 October 2004.
    Time: 6.30pm (registration starts at 6.00pm).
    Dress Code: Smart Casual (Standard Club attire, no jeans).

    Venue: Westin Hotel, 205 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.
    Date: Thursday 7 October 2004.
    Time: 7.00pm (registration starts at 6.30pm).

    Sydney members: due to the venue please note the dress code!
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    I would be stunned if PalmOne went to the trouble of organising a series of roadshows BEFORE the Treo 650 had been announced. I see this as confirmation that it will be announced on the 5th October, immediately followed by the roadshow starting on the 6th.

    Wishful thinking perhaps, but how disappointing to attend a roadshow that only talked about a device that was long overdue being replaced?
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    according to the NYC invites they intend to discuss and present mobile sw solutions... anyways see you guys there 10:45a... hold that sign high :-)
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    50% discount?! Is that info something that was part of the invite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmcg
    50% discount?! Is that info something that was part of the invite?

    part of your confirmation.

    50% off of $600 or $400?
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    This is a show for software. They're trying to generate corporate interest in the platform. If you think they're going to unveil the 650 and sell it at a 50% discount... you need to send me some that weed you're smoking, because your brain has died.
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    I dunno. The first two dates ... Oct 6 and 26 ... sound like they're each a day or two after the release date of a new device, the T5 on the 4th and the Treo 650 on the 25th, according to latest reports.

    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a new device corresponding to each of the roadshow dates?? A guy can dream, can't he?
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    My 'logic' was that it's called the TREO roadshow, so I didn't think the launch of the T5 would be very relevant. I can hope.

    Still can't see the point in having a roadshow for an outdated device, with a policy of not talking about future products. What would there be to talk about?

    "Welcome to the Treo roadshow, thanks for coming. We can't talk about future products, but we've got this old thing called the Treo 600 and thought we'd spent today looking back at the great times we've had over the past year, before we all prepare to bin them...."
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    I'm with you, Bilbo -

    just doesn't make sense to me to stage a grand "TREO" roadshow BEFORE the new model is announced/introduced/released (pick your own meaningless word). Though I haven't given up all hope, it's seeming less and less likely that the 650 will be announced tomorrow. Oh well, what's a few more weeks?
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    looking at the agenda I'd be pretty suprised if they did launch the new Treo, you never know......
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    My "professional" opinion is that with the introduction of the Treo, P1 began to take a two-pronged approach to marketing. The 1st prong is a semi-viral, road-show introduction to the device. Remember with the T600 they had similar events in NY, San Fran, etc.? Tech users are becoming increasingly sophisticated and they're more actively seeking to upgrade their devices. By taking this approach, P1 builds a base of awareness within their core users "aka Palm Evangelists" then BAM!, they hit you with prong 2 -- a big splashy country-wide campaign. This way they get more bang for their buck! Think about it, by the time the average Joe walking through the airport see's those, "Suddenly your laptop feels heavy", billboards, he's already seen the guy sitting next to him on the plane checking his email and chatting on the phone. Believe me, I travel alot, and I see tons of P1 billboards and even more people using the T600. The peer pressure is unbearable
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    Will not be abble to attend the Road Show (lunch meeting with Client $$$). Hopefully someone else will bring a sign & something about the T650 will be discussed.
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    Based on the PalmOne presentation in Sweden yesterday ( and all the press saying that the 650 will be released on the 25, I don't expect any big announcements at the Treo Road Show tomorrow (sigh). However, I'm still hoping for SOME new information, so cue79 & racerx2k, PLEASE let us know!
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    Nothing new at the road show. It's pretty much showcasing the 600 and some 3rd party products. If you do sign up, there's an offer to buy a Treo for $199. I will look into the offer once I get home. Ebay opportunity!
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    In case anyone wants to check out the treo offer, go to:
    coupon code: mobiletreo
    They say the code will be matched against the email name you use to register for the event.
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    Beware of this URL. I wouldn't trust it. I smell a scam.

    Quote Originally Posted by racerx2k
    In case anyone wants to check out the treo offer, go to:
    coupon code: mobiletreo
    They say the code will be matched against the email name you use to register for the event.
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