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    I believe the 5 line (Lexington Ave. Express) stops a block away on Fulton/Broadway.
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    As has been mentioned before in this post, the best way to get there is the R/W to Cortlandt. It puts you outside the hotel.
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    FYI, I'm at the show. They gave the coupon upon registration.
    Hurry up, it's filling up quick.

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    Pics on my Weblog -

    Not as big as I thought it would be, especially when it was bumped to 3 shows... Room holds about 100 - too long & narrow for folks in the back to see well. Starts in 20 min...
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    ok, i'm here as well. 6th row from the front, left side. All TC people raise their hands. lol.
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    forgot to mention that they do have a light breakfast spread in the back.
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    Any cookies and milk ?
    Quote Originally Posted by LewisL77
    FYI, I'm at the show. They gave the coupon upon registration.
    Hurry up, it's filling up quick.

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    not to impresive.
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    is the coupon only for sprint or good for GSM model as well?. Please confirm this.
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    I just got in myself. I am about 2 seats behind the guy the the spiky messy blond hair. Asian guy with a grey turtleneck. Starting now...
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    good for both.
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    does not indicate carrier. you'll probably have to go to the website (viennqchannels) to find out.
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    strange that they are talking about its need for a mobile envrionment as they have an internet enabled access point (i.e.e typing this from my laptop)
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    When does the coupon expire? Still 11/30?
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    I love this board... we are all fanatics Can't make it to 1st session - going to go to third. 2/3 goes right down there right?
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    yup. coupon says it expires on 11/30.
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    Is video moblogging possible?
    It should be decent in 320x240

    Please ask whenever you get a chance. thnx.
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    is this the coupon for half price..... ?
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    If possible, can someone post a pic from the 650 so we can see the actual quality of the camera.

    Also, ask if listening to music with Blue Tooth Headset is possible.
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    keyboard backlight API controls only on/off functionality - not dimming, etc. GUI may be built into API later on to control dimming functionality a la screen.

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