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    I got this earlier this afternoon. What they don't mention is how they will do partial refunds for the balance of the subscription users paid for beyond March 31, 2005.

    Their software was ok, as I needed a redirector on my desktop that didn't involve my anal-retentive corporate IT department. It had a nasty habit of confusing time zones, but otherwise, it's been quite adequate. I guess I'll be back in the market for a desktop redirector of Outlook email that can be entirely run from my PC.

    Dear Infowave Customer:

    Earlier this year, Infowave Software made a strategic decision to aggressively move into the rapidly emerging Enterprise Mobile Application (EMA) arena. This decision was anchored in January by the acquisition of Telispark which was a Deloitte Consulting company. The Telispark Mobile Enterprise suite offers solutions for large scale mobile field service and mobile asset management applications.

    Unfortunately, this new focus has also resulted in a decision to discontinue our sales and support of the Symmetry Pro suite of products. We realize that you or your organization may have a significant investment in Symmetry Pro and we have therefore decided to continue the gateway service and support until March 31, 2005. We will not, however, be accepting any new orders for the Symmetry Pro product line.

    We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have you as a loyal Infowave customer. To this end, we hope that this advance notice and extended support period will enable you to make alternative arrangements with minimal impact to your operations.

    If you have any questions or we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us at


    Infowave Software, Inc
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    another re-director bites the dust...
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    It's too bad because SymPro worked as well or better than any of the other redirectors. Fortunately, I shifted to the Seven service a couple of months ago. Two interesting press releases on Brighthand this afternoon: new Outlook replication software from Sproqit and 4smartphone, although the latter is tailored more for Windows smartphones. Starting in November, Sproqit will be bundled with EVERY Treo 600 sold in England through one particular provider!

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