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    I was looking at the pics of the 650 and it looks like a standard Palm connector with the addition of another plug spot to the right.

    Best hope:
    1. It is Tungsten compatible
    2. The extra port is a mini-usb or something like that

    I would bet on a Tungsten compatible connector - that would actually be good. Bad for those who have purchased accessories but good for the future since that makes for a broader market for accessories.
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    It IS Tungsten compatible according to other threads on TC.
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    I heard it was Tungsten T5 compatible, but I don't know about previous Tungstens. Then again I don't know anything about Tungstens. I'm thinking that if you brought the picture of the connector to your local Best Buy or whatever you could compare them.
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    It is a new connector, named the "Athena" connector. It is the same connector that is on the upcoming T|T5.

    It isn't exactly "mini-USB". It seems like palmOne reinvented the "universal connector" that was on their previous high-end devices. It is NOT compatible with previous handhelds with the universal connector.
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    This whole connector issue is nothing but a scam to prevent people from using their old accesories so that they can make more money selling you new accesories. Can someone think of ONE other good reason for change of connectors or for that matter for not using a standard USB connector. By the way the Tungsten - E has a standard USB connector and it has all the functionalities of any other connector or for that matter my Treo connector has.
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    My $0.02.....
    The T300 connector was a serious weak link in the phone, many posts on "broken help" and "how to repair" threads floating around. I hope P1 has put solid engineering into the new T650 design. IMHO, $$ for new accessories beats the hassle of dealing with a dead phone due to broken connector.

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