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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    It's a waiting game. 90-percent of the game is half-mental.
    It's driving me half-mental.
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    Yes, we discussed that a little on Yahoo - PLMO will "launch" the next TREO on Monday and it'll get into folks hands in February.
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    What a load of crap!! the t600 is a really nice phone but the 650 is gonna be much better. I call to a SPCS store and to SPCS cs and seem to get the same response. No one knows of the launch date or even heard of it being launched. Here is the funny thing though, when you ask they don't even seem to know what a treo is, how convienent yet stupid. I suppose when they are told to play dumb they really don't have to play or they try just a little 2 hard. Instead I get a salesman trying to sell me a crappy a** i600. The i500 was a real piece of crap so i guess the i600 is suppose to be better. I will hang on to the t600 until the ace is released. Like they say patience is a bad I don't have any
    SPCS / RL-7300 -> VM-4500 -> Samsung i500 -> Treo 600 -> TREO 650??
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    I tried browsing TreoCentral on my Treo 600 last night (I was away, staying in a hotel) and it was not a good experience, and at over 150k per page (excluding pictures) I'm sure it will have cost a fortune (3 per megabyte, probably about $5 per MB). No way I'm going to put up with that until February.

    If the SPV M2000 come out, and there isn't a definite availability for the Treo 650 in the very near future I'll be jumping ship.

    That's not to say I won't get a Treo 650 when they eventually arrive, it would just depend if wifi was an option, and how I got on with the a PocketPC...

    Not looking good. My local orange shop said it's not listed as being 'under review' which means it won't be out in Oct or Nov in the UK. Just got the October Orange magazine, and no mention of it there. The SPV M2000 is listed as 'coming soon' for the second month running....
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