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    I've noticed that VeriChat doesn't seem to update when people sign on, sign off, change away messages, and other status changes all the time. Even closing the application and re-opening VeriChat doesn't cause it to refresh. I have to sign off and sign on again in order for the changes to be reflected.

    I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and if it seems to be a new problem maybe with the build 2.27b or just a server hiccup that's going around.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have 2.27b installed and everything updates as expected. You don't say whether you've done this already: Ensure that Always On is enabled under Preferences.
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    yeah, im not seeing this either.
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    I have Always-On enabled. sometimes it will display someone's away msg that isn't really away anymore, or show them as offline but they signed on. for example, I have an AIM SN for my phone and seperate one for my comp... I came off away and hours later verichat still showed my comp as away. also I noticed multiple people have duplicate entries in verichat, most notibly their name appears both as online (renamed alias) and offline (their actual screen name).

    I will try reinstalling when I get home. I am in my car typing on the treo! what a great unit!
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