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    Will someone sum this Treo 650 project for me. I have obtained a lot of information in the past couple of weks and I am still a little confused.

    1. Which cell phone carrier will use bluetooth or other technology to it's full capacity. (best bang for buck/best carrier).
    2. Tethering?
    3. EV-DO? What is it? How can it help?
    4. Unlimited data access. Will it go away?
    5. Any other usefull info.

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    Don't forget READYLINK too, that would be nice...
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    Tethering seems to be using you cell phone as a wireless modem to get internet access on a notebook or desktop.

    EV-DO is a next generation CDMA-based data network capable of 62 gazillion bits of information per some small length of time (just a guesstimate there )

    Readylink is Sprint's version of Nextel's walkie-talkie type communication

    Unlimited Data Access -- Who knows, depends on current carrier. My guess is you'd be grandfathered, but there's probably no guarentee of it.

    I don't see a question for #1, so I don't know what the confusion is.

    Hope this is helpful.
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