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    As the i600 now has an SD I/O slot (for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), 32mb RAM, and has a smaller form factor, how does it compare? Thoughts please.....
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    There is no comparision. Read the lastest issue of PC magazine. i600 couldn't even compete against Treo 600....
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    Which i600? SPH or SGH?
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    SP-i600 from Sprint
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    I know that the Treo can "do more" but I was hoping that someone could point out the specific glaring advantages, ie QWERTY keyboard and hi-res screen for instance. Form factor is an important factor for me, and I like the size of the Samsung. Can anyone give a quick rundown of the advantages of the Treo over the Samsung? I will also look at PC Magazine, thanks for the info Rome.
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    Advantages depends on the user. An onboard QWERTY keyboard maybe an advantage to one person and a disadvantage to another.
    Look at all the info that's been posted so far on these 2 phones, then you'll have to decide for yourself which is best for YOUR needs instead of having someone else decide which phone is best for you.
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    I couldn't find that comparison on, got a link Rome?
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    I didn't read it online; I read it the old fashion way. It is the cover story of the current issue. By the way, the i600 model in the review is the Verizon model, which, I assume, is similiar to Sprint's i600.
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    The i600 is a horrible device. Yes, its faster than the MPx200 and on a faster data network, but the battery is pathetic. It lasts for maybe a couple of hours when you use it often. I had to use the extended battery to get through a half day without charging.

    This thing isn't in the same category as the Treo. They are completely different device. Smartphones and PDA phones are just different. Smartphone are phones with PDA functionality and PDA phones are PDAs with phone capabilities.

    The Treo, Blackberry and iPaq 6315 are for people that need PDA functionality more than a phone. The phone is just a great convenience. The opposite applies to the Smartphones. They are really phones with some calendaring, contacts and email functionality.

    I wouldn't consider comparing the two devices, it's not right. That new Treo looks darn good though. I think whichever of the MPx220 and Treo 650 comes out on AT&T first is the one I'm getting.

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    I am currently using an i600 (with Verizon), and I think it is a pretty good phone. The build quality is absolutely top-notch. It feels sturdy, it looks sturdy, it holds up well. Still, I will switch to the Treo 650. Main reason for me is that the i600 really stirred up my appetite for PDA use, such as entering tasks and appointments, and processing email and SMS. And when you start seriously using that capability, you find yourself wishing you had a better input method, specifically a physical or on-screen QWERTY keyboard. Keypad and T9 only go so far. Windows Mobile smartphones do NOT support touch-screen, so that is not an option.

    Anyway. Great phone, but not for everyone. Battery indeed wears down in a matter of hours if you talk and use PDA during that time. For "normal" use, I have never run out of juice yet before my nightly cradle charge.
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    Thanks for the info awesterink. QWERTY is much better than T9 I agree.

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