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    Hi everyone

    I have serious problem hotsyncing my Treo 600, my PC run on W2k server.
    Hotsync process starts and proceed without problem until it reachs backup phase. It get stucked trying to backup some file, I have no other way that reset the device and abort hotsync process at my laptop.
    I've tryed a hard reset, then everything works find for the first, or two firsts hotsync operations but then it get stucked again, and it's not always the same file which is blocking the process (sometimes smartlist, sometimes imagelib-maindb, etc)

    Any help would be appreciatte

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    I have the same problem at work - sometimes have to sync multiple times to get it all the way through. I find that if I sync first thing in the morning, before launching other programs (especially Lotus Notes), it almost never fails. Trying to sync throughout the day is problematic. Having Lotus Notes running seems to be the issue for me. I have not found a solution except to sync a few times in a row - it seems to get a little further each time. Hope this helps.


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