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    Velocityware's CALLFILTER FOR TREO 600 V1.2, states that it allows the Jabra Freespeak BT200 Bluetooth headset to be used with the Treo 600.

    Is this correct?
    Is this correct for London?
    Does this mean that I can now use the Jabra headset with the 600?

    Does this actually mean a bluetooth headset could be compatible with the Treo 600 or am I missing something very obvious here?

    Many thanks

    David Prever
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    Hey David, I responded to the email that you sent into callfilter!
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    has anyone tried the Freespeak 250? I know it says that it doesn't work with the Treo 600 but I'm just asking.
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    You can only use the newer 250 if you have the adapter that came with the older (non-BlueTooth) 200. The adapter is a 2.5mm plug in that converts the voice info and then jumps the BT signal to the earpiece. I am about to get a 200 because the new 250 requires AAA batteries and I think those things should be banned!! I'd rather have the lower talk time of the older model and get the ability to recharge. Also, the 200 (non BT) earpiece will work with other BT devices (such as the 650 when it's available) without the adapter (according to Jabra). The best of both worlds!
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    I purchased the JABRA FreeSpeak Headset w/2.5mm Adapter from MobilePlanet (see below link) but have not been able to get it to work to much frustration.

    I was delighted when I realized that the superb CallFilter app had a small setting which would allow a JABRA headset to work - notwithstanding MobilePlanets unconditional statement "Works with the Treo 600 handheld".

    Has anyone had any luck with this thing?


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