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    Subject says it all: I'm looking for a conduit that will start and stop a Windows application along with the start and stop of a HotSync session.

    Specifically, I want to launch RTVReco when a HotSync starts, to feed my Quicken 2005 password into the $(*@& dialog box that pops up when the PocketQuicken conduit fires. Then I want RTVReco to exit.

    (The pop-up is an Intuit *#&@ problem, not a LandWare problem. And it's here to stay.)

    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Tim ==
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    Why don't you just have RTVReco running in the background all the time (at Startup on your desktop)? I do, and it works great!
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    I've considered that. Are you using it for a bunch of stuff?
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    About 5-6 things. It doesn't cause any problems.

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