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    ... quite a bit of "Photoshop" work, eh skeptics?
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    The pictures on are simply copies of the ones cahsdad posted here. I've only reduced the size and rotated them in some cases. I've just added a bunch of comments, for those that are interested.

    BTW, does anybody know why the TC page isn't making a mention of those pictures? Is is the same thing again as last time when the first 650 pics were posted by WeeBit?
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    Mol, What do you know about the new treo? I may post some questions for you at MTDN. I think it's the same reason as weebit IMHO. I think TC has to be more PC (for lack of a better word) since they are so official. I have seen this quite often, a site starts, it's full of great info, great people and all the info is there, then they grow, they get crediabilty and tighter with the industry and that in turn ties their hands. The have to start posting for polictical correct posts and such. I have seen it first hand at a site I use to moderate for over three years. I finaly had to bail.

    The only difference to me, is that this site is ran by some good people, verses the site I was at, was ran by a person who wanted to use it for his own advantage and it got corrupt.

    ALso, for as big and PC as TC has gotten, they do a really fine job IMHO. I just miss the old days, but, over all, I guess it's better. That is why I love the fact that we have MTDN too. They both serve their own little nitch and also take care of the other stuff too. Running a site and a message board is not as easy or fun as some may think. Hats off to TC and MTDN.
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    Thanks Mol, great assessment. You pointed out some a couple of things I had not noticed nor were mentioned by other posters such as the lighted nav button. I like the built in 2x zoom and hoping that this unit comes with an Email program although I suspect Versamail was an installed program.

    LOL, with all this excitement about the T650, I can just imagine how bored we will be again this time next year (or so) with it after figuring out how to use and maximizing the T650's abilities. We will be waiting on the next best thing.... again.
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    Thanks for the annotations Mol. They were actually quite helpful for a non-observant type like me!
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    If PalmSource is to be believed (and why not ) then next year should be full of anticipation for all sorts of Palm OS smartphones (hey, where's the dance smiley here?)
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    On my desktop (1024 x 768 pixels), the right column covers up picture #2.
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    Software Icon is Sprint's Logo, so I'm guessing it just takes you to their website to buy new software. Nothing too amazing here. Hopefully one can delete it.

    I'm guessing that Versamail is the included program, because I heard that Tungsten's came with this. It would make sense that Palm would standardize on mail applications.

    I think the very first Handspring Visor's contained World Clock. It's a little map that gives you the time in four places and draws a map of the world. I didn't find it very exciting, but maybe I just need to travel more or get more friends in Asia. I found a little picture of it at (

    Pic number 17 shows the light up arrows and application better in my opinion.

    Pic number 27, interesting how the comma and single quote now look more the same. On the Treo 600 they looked different enough.
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    Picture 26?

    The arrows on my Sprint T600 5 way already light up. Am I missing somthing?
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    Actually, I never noticed the arrows on my Orange GSM T600 light up, but indeed they do!
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    man they need to learn how to use the macro function on their camera. almost every picture is blurry.
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    Perhaps they wer so nervouis about getting caught, they just snapped the pictures? You know, fast and quick...LOL

    So Mol...looks like the Palm Police hit again, I wish they would relax and (perhaps I am wrong), this kinda of stuff is great for generating buzz for them. FREE ADVERTISING
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    The Treo 300 has the world clock app on it, too. It's accessed with the blue/numlock key and browser key. I don't have a 600--did they ditch it on the 600?

    One thing that's always annoyed me on the 300 is that I have to have voicemail as my first phone memory button--looks like it's there on the 650 also.
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    Added a photo comparison based on the 600 and the leaked GSM 650 and Sprint 650 photos.
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    Thanks, Mol. Very nice comparison.
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    do you know anything about Goodlink software? It's supposedly the best wireless email messaging solution. I was told to visit

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