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    I've been following the 650 discussions for a while and stumbled onto this, figured it was worth registering/posting for.

    a visit to at 6:00 PM PST shows a screen saying:
    The Treo Store is closed for maintenance

    We're sorry. Our web site is currently closed for regularly scheduled maintenance.

    You can still access our customer support site at

    If you would like to place an order, you can still call us at 1.800.881.7256 and one of our sales representatives will be happy to help you.
    I know apple does this when they are adding new products during macworld, wwdc, etc. does this mean anything to anyone?
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    I just noticed that also. Mighty curious. Welcome to TC samzerb.
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    thanks dutchtrumpet, the anticipation of the 650 is killing me
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    Join the club
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    And it's back, nothing I can see different.
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    7:40 PM PST - offline again...
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    7:50pm PST -- back online
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    I can see all of you pressing "F5" every minute

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