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  1.    #1 has Kingston 256 cards for $7 after rebate. Limit is two per household.

    I know it's not the same as getting a 1GB for $28, but if you don't mind swapping it's close. And yes, you'd have to use two addresses or people if you plan on buying four. I just picked up 512MB for $14 when my rebates come in. Considering that it was like $150 or more for the same a year ago, I can't believe the deal.
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    Swapping SD cards is bad if you use a program like ZLauncher to keep apps on your card. That is an AWESOME price in any case...
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    Yeah, I suppose, but I'm a cheapy who doesn't buy those third party programs.

    Also, you could have one app SD and one mp3 SD and one map SD (if one has GPS). Does anyone really carry more than 256MB of apps on their Treo?
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    I'm using a 256 MB SD card I got for the-great-price-at-the-time for $50. I've never needed more than that although I always thought that I'd get a 1 G card next. However $7 for 256MB is an incredible deal, so it's easy to decide to get more.

    Thanks for letting us know about this deal!
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    I snagged one today also. Today's the last day for the rebate. Even before the rebate, I'm only paying $22.00 up front. Great deal.
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    Glad to help some people out. I found it out on

    For what it's worth, I paid some $89 AR for my 256 card about a year ago and I thought that was a great price (most were around $100) or so.
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    I just bought one of these cards a little while ago for $29 which was a good price then. Couldn't pass up on another for $7. Thanks!
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    Granted, PQI is not the fastest SD in the world (actually the slowest), but has a sweet deal at $95 for 1GB (and today only $30 rebate). wish i coulda gotten 2. 2GBs $120!!! 8-)

    just found this (ok ok im a noob here)
    Quote Originally Posted by shneor
    In today's Frys ad in the Sacramento Bee (back page of the business section) Frys has a 1gb SD card for $59.99 after $30 mail-in rebate.

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