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    I have a pattern of crashes whenever an alarm goes off. 30 seconds or so before an alarm goes off I get a soft reset. I have many alarms/day. tired of resets so removed it. anyone else experience this or any solutions?

    oh yeah I removed it . . . stops problems. added it again a week later . . . causes resets again. so it appears to be the program
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    Have you contacted the developer about it? He's usually very responsive in working with his customers in troubleshooting any problems they may have.

    Just out of curiousity, jjennings, what's the reason for bumping this?
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    posted here because developer responds here and others can benefit from it.

    I love the program but can't afford crashes.

    I started a thread called "callfilter 1.2: troubleshooting, requests, . . ." and I can't find it. so I started this thread.
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    I bumped the thread because I am getting the same problems periodically with alarms and appointments and am trying to diagnose the problem. I have other symptoms as well:

    I am using Datebook 5 (Ver.5.1b, s1) and when the alarm crashes, I notice that is was Datebook 3 that handled the alarm (I can tell because the appointment reminder screens are different)
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    The developer has stated in this thread that he prefers to handle support via e-mail. You may get better results if you try that.
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    CF 1.2 is 100% stable and VWare is one of the most responsive developers to emails in the forum.

    You should really have sent an e-mail inquiry to the author before posting such a negative thread tittle. It's a shame.
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    Yes, for the best results you going to have to email us. Trying to find threads and posts in forums looking to see if people need help is not cool.

    It looks pretty clear that the problem is caused by an interaction between callfilter and and another program on your phone. send an email out to callfiltersupport AT and it would be nice if you included a listing of programs you use so we can see if there is something that can be done.
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