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    i've never had a treo, and i've been very excited for the treo650. However, i've been reading up the other threads, and I had a few questions

    Seems like there's some issue with the new treo not being cobalt. I know cobalt is a type of palm OS, but what are the major differences between the one they are gonna put on the treo 650 and cobalt?

    Also, there seem to be a lot of threads about competitors. Are there any phones that would be compareable to this phone that I should look at? if so, some pros/cons?
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    So, I've been looking pretty intensively for a new phone that will do email with ... 'full ease' to replace my home phone, and allow me to skip getting any sort of internet
    access, laptop, etc. It needs to be able to do web browsing as well.

    So, I'm only considering real convergence devices - phone + email (keyboard) + web.

    I've ended up with a few options:
    Sidekick II ($199) ... from T mobile. I've been trying this for a week now.
    Blackberry 7100t ($300) ... from Tmobile, will come out in a month.
    Treo 650 ($600) ... from whom? will come out in two months?
    Sony-Ericsson 910 ($800) ... from whom? should be out soon.

    Note that there is a huge price difference. I already have invested in memory sticks, which makes the Sony seem attractive. Also, it is a very solid unit all around with a huge screen. The keyboard is small and a bit problematic.

    The Blackberry uses smart computer assisted typing. I don't trust it... I use lots of odd words and type pretty fast.

    The Sidekick II is really a great unit, easy to navigate... but it barely handles the web, and is a bit rough around email too (though it reads PDF/Word attachments!). It only has a little memory and takes forever to get emails or web pages. AIM is very nice on it, though, and the unit is sturdy, friendly, competant. The price is also hard to beat. The keyboard is spacious too.
    Anyway, with all these benefits, I think the blackberry hurts by comparison... and the Sony is really really pricey. I just wish that I wouldn't have to wait for the Treo, because during that time, I lack a usable phone or PDA.

    So, that's more or less my assessment.

    The cobalt OS is of course a phone-OS from the ground up... but I think the Treo OS has been used on the phone enough to make it workable.
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    Here's my take on things:

    Sidekick has all the cons that you mentioned, plus it's a closed system where there just isn't going to be the same kind of software available.

    I don't know what the Sony 910 does for that extra money, but it better be something great.

    The Blackberry also seems to have limited software support compared to the palm. Add the fact that it doesn't have a touch screen, it makes it a no go for me.

    That seems to leave me with the Treo 650 or if price is an issue you might be able to get a cheap 600. It will still have pros over all the devices you mentioned (except for maybe the Sony which I know nothing about.)

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