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    I have been having a very annoying problem the last few weeks. I have a P4 laptop running xp sp2 that stays up 24/7. THis is the PC that I hotsync to and lately after a day or so, hotsync will no longer work. If I do a reboot or even a logout and come back in, htsync via the usb cable comes back. I have tried stoping hotsync manager and starting it back up as well as other remidies such as plugging and unpluging the usb cable etc. Anyone got any ideas as to why this happens.....

    (note: there is no error, just a message on the treo that the pc could not be contacted)
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    check the settings for the USB port in device manager, there's an option to let the computer control power to the port and turn it off it wants to conserve power...or something similar. Sort that option out and you're laughing.


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