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    After 4 270s and 2 600s bite the dust i'm thinking i need to buy something a bit safer as my phone is a 24hr emergency phone for our guests but i don't want to lose the following:
    1. palm compatible
    2. keyboard - well i could lose it but i prefer it
    3. email and internet
    4. phone use

    i live in portugal so it would need to be gsm and unlocked prob - is there another phone/pda or would a separate phone and pda do the job?
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    What do you mean by a 'safer'?



    Your best bet may be a treo with a protective case.

    Are the newer models more sturdy?
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    by safer i mean two things:
    1. definite - better built. I've 4 270 replaced due to the screen failure issue, door snapping, 1 didnt even work out of the box. Both 600s have had the buzzing noise problems.
    2. Possibly considering separate pda/phone as it's hedging my bets if either i lose/break one of them but also if i replace one of them. Not sure as i like having only one gadget in my pocket
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    The Tungsten W is about the only other compatible one. Well built.
    I had one for quite a while without any trouble at all, but the W is not as functional as the 600...
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    sony nz90, sony t610 phone, bluetrek g2 headset...........all have bluetooth.
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    cheers for the phone reccommendations but what palm would work well wit them and willit be able todo what i want
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    Tungsten W is a Palm - but only V4 os. No camera or MP3 capability. Otherwise great ans a combo phone and Palm pda.
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    If you want to keep Palm + keyboard, Treo 2xx - 3xx - 6xx are the only options.
    Try to get solid case... or have a cheap backup phone, like a T610 / T68i.

    If you break your Treo 600, just sitck your Sim card in the cheap one, and try to not break it the same day

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