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    I saw somewhere that EA Sports is coming out with Madden '05 for palm OS. Has anyone tried it? Also does anyone know where there is a demo version available?
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    Will this be avaliable for the TREO 600 . Anyone know?

    Or just palm 360 screens and not the Palm Treo 600 small sccreen
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    ANyone know the when this comes out. Cant wait
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    There was suppose to be some kind or news late this week, but I did not see any...
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    The web site for the company distributing it dosent even mention it .
    Just trying to find out if it is like Sonic and cant be played on a Treo 600
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    ANy new NEWS on the release of this?

    I emailed company and they don't email back.
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    Just came out finally and is avaliable for the TREO 600 . Just ordered it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm
    Just came out finally and is avaliable for the TREO 600 . Just ordered it.
    So how do you like it?
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    I just ordred it. When i get it I will definitly post a review. Hopefully will ship out this week and get it the next week.
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    It's not a download?
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    Will be avaliable for download later in a few months they say.

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