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    I have 6 friends who all have Treo 600 on the Sprint network. We all have one problem with the Treo, the phone quality is pretty bad. We all say that when someone calls us from the Treo to a landline it is pretty bad or muffled. When you call from one Treo to another it is so bad that you can only really make out 60% of the words. My daughter talked to my wife the other day (both Treos) and she could only make out 1 in 10 words while when my daughter calls from a landline it is perfectly clear.

    I just had my Treo replaced for freeze and reset problems, and it has the same poor phone sound quality.

    Are my friends and I the only ones experiencing this? I can not find too much on the web talking about the phone quality, just the MP3 quality and that is really the last of my concerns. BTW, we all have the latest firmware from Sprint.

    And don't get me started talking about any wind at all makes it impossible to talk. It seems like they need a wind sock stuff inside on that (stupid) back placed mic...I can't tell you how many times I ask my wife to move her hand from the mic. I see in the pictures of the Treo 650 that they have increased the size of the mic hole (dual slots) and the speaker and move the mic to the actual bottom rather than the back bottom.

    Anyway, can anyone help with this? I would even be willing to hack this thing if it would improve the sound quality.

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    Your friends and family must be more techno advanced than mine because I have not spoken to anyone Treo to Treo yet. I have not noticed poor sound quality on the AT&T network either. Have you tried headsets? Or stereo headset? Stereo headsets work and have the advantage of putting the other person's voice in both ears. The mike hole still picks up your voice even when it is not held to your mouth.

    Who knows, might be worth a try, and you might not need to hack your Treos after all.
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    My friend and I talk all the time Treo to Treo - he is on ATTWS and I'm on Sprint. He's replaced his device twice, I'm on my first Treo (after 11 months). He had to apply the "tin foil" fix to his GSM phone, prior to which he had horribly annoying static and buzz in the unit. Now, both units sound great.

    I've never had problems with Sprint's call quality - in fact I find it to be superior to any of the other carriers, short of T-Mo. Of course I never let my Treo "roam" on inferior networks, so that may be why my calls sound better...
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    hpolack, i live here in austin,texas and just bought wife t- mobile and i have sprint we talk for a full hour and nerver had a problem,but then again i only have had the t- mobile for 4 days now take them to the store in your area and have them test it out and let them hear the difference between landline and cell phone.. good luk
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    I agree, the sound quality on the Treo is not that good. I am dissapointed only in the quality of the device as a phone as far as sound quality...not as good as my 4 yr old Nokia on ATT, but I love the device for the converged features, so I have put up with the sound quality on the phone as its "good enough".
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    I have had my Treo for ten months now on Sprint. I find the sound quality as a phone to be very good but not great. Given all else it offers, I find it a reasonable compromise.
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    Have you tried this mod to the cables procedure?

    I'm guessing it is what Indicator is referring to as the "tin foil" fix, and I've read lots of posts where people say this worked for them. I've had my Treo for a year and am just starting to get some stactic/buzzing, however it is only when I'm in hold music. As soon as anyone comes on and talks ..even if it's a recorded message.. the sound is fine again. The first couple times I assumed that it was a problem on the other end, but it happens ALL the time so have to concede it's my speaker. I'm thinking about applying the above fix before the sitch deteriorates
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    I have used Sprint for over 7 years now. I have used the T600 since October 2003. Not sure where you live, but I am guessing from summaries of previous posts that rural areas are more of a problem than large cities. I have used my T600 in Miami,Los Angeles, NYC, DC, and Chicago without any extra trouble I would expect from any other phone. When I travel to the Jersey Shore and other rural areas, I do notice an increased frequency in dropped calls, but no noise problems you are describing.

    I have several other friends with the T600 in the NYC area, all with minimal complaints..just the usual Sprint issues.

    Again, if 6 of your friends are experiencing the same trouble, and you all live in the same area, it may be a local network issue. Since you have just swapped your device, I would guess it should not be a hardware issue.

    The "tin foil" issue that cooneyca describes was discussed some time ago. I think it was a speaker issue that was resolved by replacing the units (or using tin foil). I have not seen any recent posts of people complaining.

    Maybe Sprint gave you another "bum" unit.

    Sorry not so helpful.

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    I can only agree with hpolack ...
    I live in NYC, have had a Motorola V60 for 2 years prior to buying T600 for my wife and I (on Sprint).
    Sound on V60 was just AWESOME (better than sound on your average landline). The one on T600 is mediocre at best - getting, of course, even worse when talking from T600 to T600, so my wife and I always try to have at least one of us on a landline...

    Again, like many here, we keep using the T600 as the overall feature set is more that awesome, but sound quality is a real disappointment....

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    In theory, if you are on the Sprint native network, sound quality should be identical with 1 bar of signal and 4 bars. Sprint has a "flat" CDMA network, that doesn't degrade the same way that GSM/TDMA/and some of Verizon's CDMA network does. Make sure your phone is set to Sprint only. If the quality is still an issue, I would report it to Sprint Customer Care and create a trouble ticket. There may be some cell/tower issues in your area that could be fixed with your help!!!
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    Well, the thing, in my case, is that I was using the V60 in the same places and the quality went from 10 to 2 when I switch from the V60 to T600 ... so I really believe it is linked to the phone itself ... and as my wife also has a T600, I do not believe I just got a bad T600 (or both my wife and I got bad T600...).
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    I've had just the opposite experience of Indicator with Sprint networks, but I'm in the Raleigh, NC area. My experience with Sprint phones in this area is that the quality is always bad and the delay almost half a second or more. I use Cingular and have been very pleased, but their coverage is not as prolific as Sprint.

    My company encountered cooneyca's issue in regards to GSM networks. We spent several hour trying to debug our own hold music to find out it would drop to static on GSM phones. When any voice was present it would go away. I'm curious if it was a GSM or phone thing.

    Don't know if your and your wife are taking any trips to other towns anytime soon, but that would probably be the best way to figure out if it is a network problem.
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    And both of you guys are certain that you're not roaming?
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    This is truly bizarre. I have never had any problem with sound quality on my Sprint Treo 600 which I acquired last October. I had previously had a Verizon Motorola V8160 and don't miss it one bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vflopez
    This is truly bizarre. I have never had any problem with sound quality on my Sprint Treo 600 which I acquired last October. I had previously had a Verizon Motorola V8160 and don't miss it one bit.
    Ditto. The placement of the mic does lower the crispness of the outgoing audio a bit, but overall it's quite comparable to most other cell phones I've used.
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    I've got Verizon - sound quality excellent....
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    Is this a speaker or mic issue that was first descibed? I understood that it was the mic that was in question. Most people I speak to when not using an earbud have trouble understanding me (I use an earbud 90% of the time). My guess is it's not a carrier problem, but a design flaw (one of the few I've found). It appears they've changed the design to put the mic closer to closer to your mouth. I never understood why they had this tiny pinhole on the back of the phone to pick up the user's voice. That was just a wierd idea! Use an earbud - it's safer and sounds better on both ends.
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    verizon treo with another verizon treo works perfectly for me and my friends.

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