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    I've just released a new utility for the Treo 600 called PhonePad.

    PhonePad is a simple "take a number or quick note while you're on the
    phone" utility for the Treo 600 smartphone from Handspring/PalmOne.

    It's available at:

    It lets you quickly type in a number or note during the call, return to
    the phone app to complete your call, then go back to PhonePad to dial
    the number you just saved or copy the note to the clipboard for pasting
    into another application.

    PhonePad also has a Last Call feature that imports the
    number/name/date/duration of the most recent call in the Call Log: very
    handy for easy after-call followup.

    Compatible with the Treo 600 smartphone only.
    Not compatible with older Treo models or other PalmOS devices.


    David Thacker
    PalmOS Certified Developer
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    Any chance for a PhonePad update to support the Treo 650?
    Treo 680 Graphite, Unlocked GSM (FW: MW01.50 | SW: TREO680-1.04-ROW | HW: A)

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