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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    But the data WON'T be slower if the GSM does indeed support EDGE (hopefully that is)! If the rumors about Sprint bastardizing the BT functionality are true, I be the first in line to dumping my stupid Sprint contract and getting Tmo/Cingular asap...
    You'll have to fend me off to be first, especially if EDGE is an option at a reasonable price point like Vision is.
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    How freaking starving are we for information on this puppy? Guy drops two little hints then disappears, and we look like an alligator pond fighting over the croc hunter's chicken.

    Probably was a scam, but entertaining nonetheless.
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  3. #43 no BT modem.... I'm not a Sprint user yet...but tell me... is tethered use (use T650 as modem via data cable) only "frowned upon", or is that also technically disabled?
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    ...Go check out pictures of the 650 at this site (posted 7/26):

    I'm on my Verizon 15-day waiting period and need info fast. Any other Verizon users heard any news about them picking this model up??

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    bmacfarland, all M$ smartphones have stereo headsets, which ring through the earpieces and will interrupt MP3 playback. Why can't palmOne do that?
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    Sorry, camera problems and several fires at work. I know certain specs but NDA precludes me from talking about them. Sprint Rep did not mention NDA on the actual phone so here are the pics. MSNBC loaded at least twice as fast as my measurable test performed. #'s blanked out on pics. I would describe the color as gunmetal blue though not as dark.

    Sorry for the out of focus, hopefully you will be able to make out the images. I was having trouble uploading the zip, so I will post several times.

    Admin: The images have been removed, 6000 views later, upon request by Sprint.
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    More pics
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    More pics
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    Thanks for the pic's. I've been reading this thread since you've made the post. Other's doubted, but I figured why would you lie. I'm new to the forum so thanks a million.
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    More pics
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    Thanks for the pics. WOW!!! I don't know if I can pass on this one :-(
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    More pics
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    Last of the pics
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    Cool visual info...but perhaps you zoomed in too much with your other digital camera...pix are sooo blurry...great info nonethless!
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    What happened to the metalic silver and stainless steel look?

    Nice photos......So what is the scoop? Did you get a release date?????

    I know you freaking asked him, right? LOL
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    Ok, I was wrong. Seems to be the real deal. So I'll ask....when can i get one? Did he say? If it's not soon my wife's going to buy me the 600. Somehow I have to tell her about the 650 without letting on that I know she's buying me one.
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    October release date. please!!!!!!
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