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    A portable device is generally used to carry informations. I cannot understand why there are no good databases for the palm os.
    I've tried handdbase which is reliable, but is not 5-way compatible and can hold only black/white pictures
    I've tried Mobi-systems database, which has a nice interface, can store BMP pictures, but is unreliable in storing data and synching them and also have several limitation in managing forms
    Others are only for text informatiom and do not treat also pictures.

    I need one that can reliably store text and memo fields, calculated and summaries field, has customizable color forms, is 5-ways compatible, can show images in the same form with text, and is securely sychrnized with a desktop program.

    Why no one needs good databases?
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    Have you tried Pendragon forms to create your own custom DB?
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    Ah, it's about $250. WOW!
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    Try HanDBase from DDH Software. It's got enough bells and weasles for the dedicated database maven and a reasonable cost. I've used it for years on multiple Palms.
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    HanDBase has most of the things you list. It also has an Image Plugin available. It does not yet support the 5-way nav, but I expect it will soon.

    I think you have high expectations for a reasonably priced Palm database. Full server based relational databases do not do what you are asking for without other products.
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    Have you looked at Smartlist To Go from Dataviz
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    well maybe these are high expectations, but as long as Handbase can handle data in a reliable way and mibi-system data base can handle pictures and data not in a reliable way, both my requests are possible on the treo... there are many people writing software for games, maybe a good database can be done.

    I have handbase, I too ama waiting for the 5-Nav function, but last release (July) still doesn't have it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhlewis
    Have you looked at Smartlist To Go from Dataviz
    I've been using Smart list toGo for years and have found it to be an excellent database system: plenty of flexibility and comes with a desktop version to sync,edit,view etc.
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    I also like SmartList To Go. I've used it for years and have all kinds of databases built in it. The field types including expression and advanced expression give you a lot of flexibility. The default views and forms are quite usable and have a pleasing appearance. 5-way support is not complete yet, but they've made a start.
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    I looking for SmartList To Go 2.602 or 2.6 install exe ?

    Thanks !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcerione
    I looking for SmartList To Go 2.602 or 2.6 install exe ?

    Thanks !!!!
    No problem. You can purchase it for $50 here
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    I lean more toward HanDBase than Smartlist and I own 'em both. They both lack 5-way support, though SmartList is at least working on it. The application library w/HanDBase is very good. They are both very powerful apps. Ben

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