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    Hey gang. I'm still on my first Treo 600 (Sprint PCS) from a year ago and am suddenly having a very frustrating problem with it. I wanted to know if anybody else has run into it and suggested solutions.

    The problem is that for the last few days, it continuously freezes up, especially when making a call, just like some older versions of Windows used to do. I'll be three seconds into a call (or two minutes, whatever) and it will freeze. Additionally, it is continuously going "out of range" when I know very well it is in range. I've done numerous soft resets. It isn't a memory problem: I've got about 4 mb free.

    Here are my questions:

    1) I realize that a hard reset might fix it. Has anybody run into this problem and know whether a hard reset will help? Obviously, if it is some sort of a software problem, I'll have to figure out which .prc is causing the problem when I reinstall everything.
    2) I do have the insurance on the phone from Sprint PCS (the $4 a month deal). Does anybody know if we've run into problems trying to get a replacement in a situation like this?
    3) Regarding replacements, I see on the earlier posts that a lot of the replacements are basically crap. I'd also like to wait for the T650, but I can't exactly do without a phone. Any suggestions?

    Any experience with this particular issue would be helpful. I've tried to look for an earlier thread on this but don't see one; if there is one that I've overlooked, please point me in that direction. Thanks.
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    Can't hurt to try a hard reset. backup your data first.

    If that doesn't work, bring it to a Sprint store and have the tech test it. It could be a hardware issue. I had a 600 which developed RF problems (failed HP test) and Sprint replaced it with a refurb. No need to use your insurance, should still be under warranty if less than 1 year old.
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    Sounds like the "network search" problem. Search the forums and you'll find lots of info. Sprint just replaced my phone (warranty not insurance) for the same issue.

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